Audio System Tuning

If you would like your audio systems ranging from car stereo, home stereo, or even nightclub sound system to sound festival grade SWEET and WARM, then please contact me.  Offering mobile service to your location.

Please note, if you like high treble bright crisp ear fatigue sounds, then this sound setting may be not for you.  But if you can appreciate warm sounds from high-end solid state analog receivers from the late 1970s to early 1980s, then this sound setting is definitely for YOU.

Backstory - When I was growing up around the age of 12, I could be found messing with the sound setting on my parent's now vintage and legendary McIntosh MAC 1900 AM/FM stereo receiver.  Ever since then, it is this type of analog sound characteristics that has been my benchmark of what I consider good sound that I try to emulate when EQ'ing audio systems and even the final outputs of my Audio Masters today.